One of my noteworthy projects is CONTRAST, a concept development endeavor that takes the form of a boat on the NDSM togheter with Woodies In Berlin. This unique project serves as a meeting point where two distinct worlds converge. Above deck, a spacious and light-filled restaurant is designed in such a way that the building itself becomes a work of art. This intentional design ensures that all attention is drawn to the extraordinary culinary delights being served within. Below deck, a contrasting world unfolds. Here, a dark and intriguing space emerges, serving as a venue for exhibitions and events. This subterranean realm showcases a striking contrast to the world above, creating an experience that plays with dichotomies such as light and dark, roughness and elegance, and other captivating elements.

The concept of CONTRAST embodies the essence of my artistic approach. By juxtaposing opposing elements, she creates an engaging and thought-provoking environment that stimulates the senses and challenges perceptions. Through this project, I tried to seamlessly integrate contrasting concepts, playing with visual and experiential dichotomies that intrigue and captivate visitors.

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