The Gang Is Beautiful x Ferhat

        I find profound fulfillment in collaborating with artists from diverse scenes, particularly musicians. Combining graphic design with their creative fields creates an inspiring synergy. 

“Her collaborations extend beyond music to include theater and writing, integrating their skills to enrich her designs. Through collaboration, Lois amplifies her own artistic vision while elevating the work of her counterparts. Her passion for interdisciplinary exchange fosters mutual respect, yielding multidimensional artworks that celebrate the richness of artistic expression.”

Jeroen Antoine album cover ‘groter dan’
Merle artwork
Naaz single cover ‘Daughter’
Flott.artwork 2020
Jeroen Antoine ‘Groter Dan’
Merle artwork
Flott. 2022
The Gang Is Beautiful x Ferhat
The Gang Is Beautiful x Ferhat
The Gang Is Beautiful x Ferhat
Flott. 2020
Jeroen Album visuals‘Groter dan’
Jeroen single cover ‘Stable’
Jeroen Antoine single cover ‘Nodig’
Jeroen single cover ‘Gevaar’
Jeroen single cover ‘Rode Knop’
Jeroen single cover ‘Laat Los’
Jeroen single cover ‘Laat me’
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